Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Relationships Between Leaderships Style and Personality Type and Nurse’s Job Satisfaction (Study in TNI AU TK II “Dr. Salamun” Hospital 2006)

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Irman Somantri, SKp. MKep.*, Dr. Budi Anna Keliat, SKp. M.App.Sc**, Dewi Gayatri, SKp. M.Kes.***


This study was a descriptive correlational with cross sectional design was based on rised up of dissatisfaction from clinical nurses that caused decreased of bed occupation rate hospital. The aims to examine the relationships between leaderships style, personality type and nurse’s job satisfaction at TNI AU TK II “Salamun” Hospital. The population were 75 clinical nurses whose graduate from SPK and Akper. The sample size were 72 clinical nurses and the number for each ranking were determined by using total sampling technic. The result of the study showed democratic leaderships style and B personality type wast most perceived by clinical nurses. There were the significant relation between leaderships style and job satisfaction in equitable reward aspect (p = 0,009), there were the significant relation between personality type with job satisfaction in mentally challenging work aspect (p = 0,025), equitable reward aspect (p = 0,017) and supportive colleagues aspect (p = 0,044). In this study found that leaderships style was dominant variable for job satisfaction in equitable reward aspect dan personality type was dominant variable for job satisfaction in supportive colleagues aspect. Therefore, the institution need to modified primary nurse’s leaderships style and personality type for increases nurse’s job satisfaction .

Key word : Leaderships style, personality type, job satisfaction
Bibliography, 50 (1992 – 2005)
* Lecturer of Stikes A. Yani Cimahi
** & *** Lecturer of FIK-UI

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